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Cheryl Whitman Founder and CEO
Cheryl Whitman Founder & CEO

Beautiful Forever Aesthetic Business Consulting

Cheryl Whitman, founder and CEO of beautiful forever Aesthetic Business Consulting, has, for more than three decades, been the internationally recognized pioneering leader in the challenging field of aesthetic business development and marketing consulting – working with hospitals, spas, anti-aging centers and physician practices to achieve dramatic results. Cheryl's diverse background enables her to provide her clients with the highest level of personal attention, along with top-notch


Upcoming Events

Music City SCALE Event: Symposium for Cosmetic Advances and Laser Education

Cheryl will present “Determining and Owning Your Unique Selling Proposition” on May 7 at 9:40... Read more

THE Aesthetic Show 2017

Click Here to see THE Aesthetic Show 2017 Preliminary Program*... Read more

Testimonials   |   Helping Business Reach Their True Potential

My first event was a complete success for all aspects of my practice! I booked 12 patients after presenting incredible before and after results and the science behind the technology. My audience was so impressed that I also booked patients for other treatments! My entire laser system was almost paid for in one night!  Dr. […]


At my first event we booked a total of 15 procedures and many other consults totaling $59,000.  That also included a few patients booking other services.  One of my patients purchased $12,000 in treatments combined! My first event more than paid off my laser system!  Barry E. DiBernardo, MD, FACS, New Jersey Plastic Surgery, Montclair, […]


As a pharmacist who has worked in the aesthetic field for the past 20 years I have found Cheryl Whitman has provided both the skill set and knowledge for running a successful practice. She combines internet marketing and social media along with the specifics on how to implement them into your practice. She answers all […]


Very informative! This book answers a lot of questions. Great source of knowledge on how to have a successful business! A must read!!

  • Real-Time Consulting

    Beautiful Forever consulting firm offers solutions via custom conference calls by our top experts in the field. Giving advice when you need it, our consultants are available for assistance

    Real-Time Consulting
  • Project Management

    Project management involves a structured approach to developing, launching, implementing and managing a medical spa or cosmetic medical practice.

    Project Management
  • Practice Assessment Step by Step

    We make it fast, easy and affordable. All practice assessments are conducted by an executive consultant, the highest-ranking consultant level at Beautiful Forever

    Practice Assessment Step by Step
  • Hair Transplant Consulting

    We are proud to be now offering physicians, surgeons, medical spas, medical aesthetic practices, cosmetic surgeons and related entities the ability to develop a hair transplant practice within your exist.

    Hair Transplant Consulting
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