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Cheryl Whitman Founder and CEO
Cheryl Whitman Founder & CEO

Beautiful Forever Aesthetic Business Consulting

Cheryl Whitman, founder and CEO of beautiful forever Aesthetic Business Consulting, has, for more than three decades, been the internationally recognized pioneering leader in the challenging field of aesthetic business development and marketing consulting – working with hospitals, spas, anti-aging centers and physician practices to achieve dramatic results. Cheryl's diverse background enables her to provide her clients with the highest level of personal attention, along with top-notch

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“Cheryl Whitman has a unique ability to read people, and I connected with her immediately! She is so intuitive and was able to assess my situation quickly and to offer me practical advice that I am able to implement.”

Las Vegas, NV

“The Beautiful Forever team was always eager to provide their valuable experience and expertise to help my practice grow and succeed.”

Although we’ve been neighbors for quite a while  and I’ve known “of” you , I don’t believe we’ve ever met….I’ve always admired the work you’ve done and what you’ve accomplished….quite impressive!…….

Pres.,Dermal Esthetics – Research Division

“If you are looking for a profit center by adding aesthetics for your practice or medi-spa, or want to enhance the profits of an existing aesthetics or medi-spa facility, Cheryl Whitman is your source. In her new book, Cheryl provides a clear road-map to success in these profitable areas of practice. If you are ready […]

President/CEO Strategic Coaching Inc
  • Real-Time Consulting

    Beautiful Forever consulting firm offers solutions via custom conference calls by our top experts in the field. Giving advice when you need it, our consultants are available for assistance

    Real-Time Consulting
  • Project Management

    Project management involves a structured approach to developing, launching, implementing and managing a medical spa or cosmetic medical practice.

    Project Management
  • Practice Assessment Step by Step

    We make it fast, easy and affordable. All practice assessments are conducted by an executive consultant, the highest-ranking consultant level at Beautiful Forever

    Practice Assessment Step by Step
  • Hair Transplant Consulting

    We are proud to be now offering physicians, surgeons, medical spas, medical aesthetic practices, cosmetic surgeons and related entities the ability to develop a hair transplant practice within your exist.

    Hair Transplant Consulting
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