Hair Transplant Consulting

Hair Transplant Consulting Practice Overview

We are proud to be now offering  physicians, surgeons, medical spas, medical aesthetic practices, cosmetic surgeons and related entities the ability to develop a hair transplant practice within your existing centers, expand your locations, or to grow your existing hair transplant practice and volume.

Consulting services would include but not be limited to:

Practice Assessment

·         Market assessment/feasibility

·         Staff assessment

·         Brand development

·         Practice set up

·         Recruitment of medical/surgical assistants

·         Training of medical/surgical assistants

·         Physician/surgeon training for conventional strip, FUE and other techniques.

·         Evaluate new technologies in hair restoration incl. Neografting, laser, robotics, microscope, etc.

·         Development of pricing, physician and staff compensation, incentive programs, etc.

·         Marketing strategy, planning and execution

·         Development of web site, micro site and social media presence for hair restoration service

·         Internal staff and sales training incl. telemarketing (inbound+outbound), in-office sales consultations, web/Skype consultations, webinars, etc.

·         Development of training manuals and sales consultation material for the office

·         Develop brochures, posters, inserts, email blasts, press releases, and write-ups for hair restoration

·         Developing a network and strategic alliances in the hair restoration professional community

·         Development of data metrics, financial metrics, financial analysis of hair biz incl. P&L and ROI

·         Develop a product line for hair restoration solutions for both men and women

·         Develop women’s hair transplant services incl. eyebrow, eyelash, front hair line, etc.

·         Develop ancillary men’s hair transplant services (e.g. beard, mustache, eyebrow, body hair, etc.)

·         Explore international opportunities for hair restoration income

·         Ongoing business, marketing, clinical and ancillary support to make the hair restoration business successful, profitable and sustainable.

Our new service will be headed by our executive consultants who have developed, managed and invested in hair transplant centers in the U.S. and overseas for over 10 years.