Refine Your Business

As your business grows and becomes more established and profitable, it is imperative to develop a strategy to perpetuate innovation, sustain and enhance profitability, retain key people and keep growing the business organically and/or externally.

The executive consultants at Beautiful Forever will conduct periodic, on-site operational assessments in order to:

  • Evaluate every element of your medical spa, center or practice
  • Establish benchmarks
  • Review financials for profitability, revenue distribution & cost structure
  • Analyze your metrics
  • Evaluate your staff
  • Evaluate menu of services
  • Evaluate product sales & offerings
  • Evaluate the database
  • Evaluate the website including updates & web traffic reports
  • Assess marketing strategy & media plan
  • Measure marketing effectiveness
  • Monitor your progress & growth
  • Review & adjust goals & objectives
  • Provide strategic advice
  • Recommend new services, products & technologies
  • Provide industry & market updates

Assessments are on-site and take one or two days. At least a couple of assessments are recommended each year to ensure that your project/center/practice/medical spa remains on track.

Contact Beautiful Forever today to schedule your practice assessment.

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