“The Selfie” Face Lift

Research reveals that the “Selfie” trend has increased the demand for elective, aesthetic procedures, particularly those under the age of 30. It is not news that social media influences lives and self-esteem, so it is not surprising to learn that it is a strong driving forcing behind the desire for a more youthful appearance. An […]

Profiting in the Male Aesthetic Market

According to market data men are the fast growing segment of the aesthetic industry and are specifically interested in non-invasive treatments such as injectables. The men’s market has grown from 20% to 30%. The male aesthetic market is in its infancy. In 2013, over one million procedures were performed on men, representing only a fraction […]

Adding Sexual Health Profit Centers to Niche Markets

Beautiful Forever University’s Cheryl Whitman interviews Lisbeth W. Roy, D.O. of Doctors Studio. Interview with Dr. Roy about adding sexual health profit centers to niche markets. Aesthetic Business Consultant and Beautiful Forever CEO Cheryl Whitman is a successful business coach, marketing expert, and renowned author, who trains doctors and physicians in their medspa and aesthetic […]

Increase Profits with Sales

Like it or not, selling is a critical aspect of everyday life; whether it’s selling a product or service; selling yourself as the best candidate for a job; or as the best choice as a Saturday night date.  Selling is part of everything we do, and it often gets a bad rap –think of all the used […]

Moving Beyond Traditional Marketing

Cheryl’s recent article in MedEsthetics Magazine Moving Beyond Traditional Marketing By Cheryl Whitman When practices think of marketing, they typically think of web-based advertising, print ads, in-house signage or open house events. But letters to the editor, opinion editorial articles (op-eds), and letters of endorsement are some of the most meaningful ways to get the word […]

How To Successfully Integrate Skincare Services Into Your Aesthetics Practice

Webinar presented by Cheryl Whitman in partnership with MedEsthetics Magazine and Canfield Imaging on integrating skincare services into your aesthetics practice. How to increase revenue How to choose the right product lines YouTube Comments By jtrunzo27: Really valuable information and strong business advice. By Dionna Herring: Wow, a lot of great points and very well […]

Beyond liposuction: Fat melting, skin tightening combos

Beverly Hills, Calif., dermatologic surgeon Jason Emer, M.D., says his practice revolves around using combination therapies to define and enhance patient bodies. And with a pallet of fat melting and skin tightening options available to enhance liposuction’s results, it’s rare that he’ll perform liposuction alone on a patient, he says. Marie N. DiLauro, M.D., a […]

Introducing New Technology

Cheryl’s recent article in MedEsthetics Magazine Introducing New Technology WORK WITH YOUR VENDORS AND STAFF TO ENSURE A GOOD ROI ON NEW EQUIPMENT AND TREATMENT OFFERINGS. By Cheryl Whitman One of the things that makes the medical aesthetics industry so exciting is the near constant influx of new technologies, new techniques and new research related […]

RealSelf TV

RealSelf TV is our video platform within RealSelf. Here is a little more information about it: So far (in 2016) we’ve had an average of 103,752 video views per week and over 174,965 impression per week on RealSelf alone. (So not on YouTube and other social media channels). On average over 65 videos per week […]

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