Best Practices – Staff Orienting New Staff Members

Your practice has a “corporate culture” – an unwritten set of guidelines for behavior – and the spirit behind the behavior. Your new-staff orientation must highlight this corporate culture, and its importance. Examples might include: Your commitment to excellence Your focus on patients as valued customers Your insistence upon creating “satisfied” customers – which means […]

The Importance of Patient Testimonials and Photos on Your Website

Patients have a strong desire to view testimonials and see photos of patients with different procedures. This includes before and after photo when it relates to the aesthetic market. The majority of prospective patients go the Internet after viewing television shows, listening to radio announcements, and reading printed stories about their interest of concern; and […]

Tracking Internet Medical Marketing

Statistical Software Today, statistics software is available free of charge with Web-site purchases. Using software to evaluate your site can provide trackable information, including the number of visitors to the site, which search engines were used, which Web-site pages were read, and the average amount of time that the visitor spent at the site. The […]

Ideal Tracking for Your Patients: From Acquisition to Retention and Referrals

In an ideal world, your practice’s patient-relationship strategy runs smoothly. The prospective patient responds to information they’ve received from their friend, or from your television, radio, newspaper, phone-book, or Web-site ads, by phoning or emailing your office. She or he then visits your office and is treated as a VIP guest. As a result, she […]

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