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Patient Financing Programs & Cash Pay Programs

This blog is adapted from the book, Beautifully Profitable / Forever Profitable, © 2014, by Cheryl Whitman   Third Party Patient Financing  Third party patient financing programs can be profitable in several ways, but most important, they extend the affordability of your services beyond those with the available dollars to pay cash for your services. […]

New Profit Center Opportunities – 2014 and Beyond

This blog is adapted from the book, Beautifully Profitable / Forever Profitable, © 2014, by Cheryl Whitman The year 2014 will see the introduction or enhancement of the following profit centers; these will become more significant both this year and in the years to come.   After this introductory blog on the issues that must be […]

How To Make Your Medical Spa Business More Inviting

Sitting in a cold office waiting room can be uncomfortable and not at all soothing for a client; but there are ways to turn your medical spa business into a relaxing environment for both clients and employees. 1. Use Lower Lighting Decrease the lighting and utilize lamps instead of fluorescent ceiling lights — this can […]

Technology Making Antioxidants in Spa Products Stronger

We all know antioxidants are good for us. They’re good for our bodies when we eat them in food; and when applied to our skin, they help reduce signs of aging. However, it’s not easy to effectively add antioxidants to skin care products so that you’ll get the maximum benefit. Scientists have discovered that using […]

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At-Home Spa Treatment Device Industry Expected to Grow in 2013

Currently, for anything other than basic maintenance, consumers usually turn to a beauty spa – but that could change this year. The at-home skin care device industry saw rapid growth in 2012, but it’s only just beginning to reach consumers. Already valued at $1 billion in 2011, this industry is expected to grow at a […]

Medical Experts Bring Out Ethnic Differences With Plastic Surgery

If you have plans for owning a medical spa, you may want to specialize – really specialize. Several extremely focused clinics are gaining momentum by catering to the beauty desires of particular ethnic groups. What does this mean to you? It means that the fear many had in being too much of a niche market […]

Dermal Filler Belotero Balance to Hit U.S. Day Spas

Source: via Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center on Pinterest Move over, Restylane and Juvederm. Merz, Inc. recently announced that a new dermal filler called Belotero Balance is about to hit the market in the U.S. This new filler possesses advanced technology purported to provide the following benefits: Prolonged anti aging effects that are noticeable almost instantly […]

How Smiling Can Have the Same Effect as a Day Spa

The notion that smiling utilizes fewer face muscles than frowning has been a long-standing one. Scientists have recently proven the age-old idea to be true. People who spend more time smiling than frowning develop fewer facial wrinkles than people who stress and frown more often. Smiling more often also helps reduce stress levels and maintain […]

Targeting Niche Markets: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Keeping an aesthetic medical practice or other aesthetic business alive and thriving during tough economic times can be difficult. For nearly 6 years, businesses have been struggling to develop new marketing plans and bring in new clients. Tapping into niche markets and ethnic consumers is one way businesses can start growing their client base. 1. […]

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