Private Label Product Development

The Beautiful Forever consulting group offers the skills, expertise and industry resources to guide you in the development, branding and marketing of your medical spa’s private label skin care line.

Building a strong retail business

You may be familiar with brand-name skin care products found in medical spas and physician’s offices, which are sold in conjunction with treatments. However, as an extension of your spa’s brand and an additional revenue stream, Beautiful Forever can help you create a private label skin care line – from development to finished product.

Beautiful Forever follows a detailed set of guidelines to help provide a solid foundation for the development of your private label product line.

Your retail consultant assists you with the following:

  • Reviewing the market, competition and demographics
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Determining your budget for capital and cash flow needs for expenses, such as labeling (hot stamping or silk screening), packaging, marketing and advertising, and collateral materials, including brochures
  • Identifying skin care categories that are most popular with your clients, as well as the types of products your clients are requesting
  • Choosing a physician-grade product line that meets your needs & standards
  • Assisting you in naming and trademark your products
  • Creating a time table to determine how long it will take to move from inception to implementation
  • Retail merchandising on site
  • Training on site
  • Product names & brochures

Beautiful Forever provides the resources of top pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical laboratories to help you create a private label line that meets or surpasses brand name lines. Your Beautiful Forever consultant will direct you to the right manufacturers to meet your expectations and the best product line for your projected volume and budget.

Be assured that your private label line can become a reality with a minimum investment and there are no large minimums required. Additional savings can be realized by using your private label line in your back bar and treatment room rather than expensive brand-name products, which must be purchased in bulk.

Product lines vary in cost, as well as the length of time it takes to complete the manufacturing process. You may choose from the following private label options:

Basic line – Many of the manufacturers we work with offer existing lines that allow you to choose from a variety of products that meet your specifications. Your name and logo appear on the pre-packaged products. This option is excellent for budgets under $5,000, and can include a full line of products.

Custom line – You may choose to work with a chemist to put a distinctive twist on an existing line. This may include customizing your own designer packaging. Rates for this option will run from $10,000 and up, depending on the packaging you choose and the minimum packaging purchase required.

Exclusive line – If you desire unique products that no other medical spa can carry, Beautiful Forever will connect you with a chemist specializing in research and development to create your products from scratch. This includes producet testing . These proprietary formulations are the most expensive and time-consuming options, starting around $3,000 for each individual product you choose to create. Prices increase for formulations that use unique active ingredients, as well as the number of products and the packaging you choose.

Co-branding – A well-established medical spa with distinguished aesthetic services and retail success may be approached by a prominent skin care company to link its name with the company’s on the label of every product in the line. beautiful forever can assist in negotiating this type of partnership.

Once your line has been developed, Beautiful Forever will work with you or your marketing representative to help introduce your new skin care line. We will help you develop your marketing hook, key features and benefits, product names and branding.

The following are key areas of our focus:  

  • Packaging analysis, selection, graphic design & copy development
  • Development of brand & product names
  • Retail positioning of product line within the office
  • Pricing policy
  • Creative strategy, including features & benefits story, sales presentation, product information literature, package inserts, point of sale & display material
  • Strategic planning & marketing/sales tactics
  • Promotional plan & educational programs
  • Staff training
  • Spot monitoring & evaluation of product line, with on-site presence if needed
  • Line extensions, training & support

Beautiful Forever is dedicated to helping you develop and market the finest private label products available. We insist that our industry resources adhere to any regulatory guidelines and approvals, thus helping guarantee that your clients experience the high level of excellence they have come to expect from your medical spa.

Take the guesswork out of marketing your medical spa!


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