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Mark S. Nestor, MD, PhD

I want to express my profound appreciation for your outstanding contribution to the 16th Annual South Beach Symposium. The meeting was an outstanding educational event and created a unique learning environment for the 550 attendees (over 1000 including industry) and thereby will improve the care and wellbeing of their patients. The meeting continues to set the bar for the variety of lectures and live patient workshops as well as the “CEO Industry Symposium”. The success of the meeting was made possible due to you, your fellow faculty, and the passion for education and technical advancement that embodies the South Beach Symposium.

I also want to thank you for spending your time with your colleagues and our industry partners throughout the weekend. Our industry partners very much appreciate the one on one time that you spend with them and that certainly contributes to their support of both Dermatology and Aesthetics.

Dr. Harry Harcsztark

Dr. Realba Rodriguez

Dr. Mari-Ange Tardieu

A professional guide to aesthetics.

As a pharmacist who has worked in the aesthetic field for the past 20 years I have found Cheryl Whitman has provided both the skill set and knowledge for running a successful practice. She combines internet marketing and social media along with the specifics on how to implement them into your practice. She answers all the questions asked by physicians, office staff and patients.

Tom Mastanduono RPH

I’d Highly Recommend Cheryl’s Services

Cheryl Whitman is a great source of knowledge to anyone working in the aesthetics field. Her skills continually impress me; from marketing to her valuable insight on vendors in the industry. I would highly recommend Cheryl’s services and the book is a must-have for every aesthetic office. Beautifully Profitable is an essential guide to building, sustaining, and growing an aesthetic practice with valuable real-life insight.

Terri A.Wojak

Wealth of Knowledge

I met Cheryl in Las Vegas at The Aesthetic show. Wow, she is a wealth of knowledge. Anyone in this industry must buy this book!!


Dr. Dickerson Thermi© Jumpstart to Success Marketing Program Testimonial

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Edward E. Dickerson, owner of Fayetteville Plastic Surgery and Cap Fear Aesthetics located in Fayetteville, NC discusses his success with Beautiful Forever Consulting and the Thermi© Jumpstart to Success Marketing Program.

Dr. Lorenc New York City Thermi Event Testimonial

View video of Dr. Paul Lorence discussing the success of his recent Thermi event in New York City with the help of Beautiful Forever.

Cheryl Whitman has a unique ability to read people, and I connected with her immediately

Cheryl Whitman has a unique ability to read people, and I connected with her immediately! She is so intuitive and was able to assess my situation quickly and to offer me practical advice that I am able to implement.

Orna Fisher, MD

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