Practice Management: Pruning Your Money Tree

Improve Your Bottom Line By Identifying and Eliminating Poorly Performing Products and Services by Cheryl Whitman As any good gardener knows, in order to have a healthy tree that bears plentiful, quality fruit, the tree must be regularly pruned. This holds true for businesses as well. In order to maintain a healthy bottom line, practice […]

Significant Advances in Stem Cell Care

by Cheryl Whitman Article published by the Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists (SPSSCS). In the fifty plus years since stem cells were first identified and their potential for healing observed, researchers have worked diligently to understand them and harness their power. There have been many successes along the journey so far, such as […]

Empire Medical Welcomes Cheryl Whitman

Beautiful Forever’s CEO Cheryl Whitman, Welcomed to Nationwide Team of Experts Ft. Lauderdale, FL – SEPT. 6, 2017 — Empire Medical Training, Inc., the premiere physician-led nationwide provider of accredited continuing medical education and training workshops for physicians and healthcare professionals, has added a new member to its team, Cheryl Whitman, CEO, Beautiful Forever, and […]

The Goal of Creating Lifetime Patients

Patient retention equals loyalty: For any medical practice or medspa to grow its net worth year over year, several basic principles hold true. Study after study have shown that it is much more cost effective for a business to retain current clients than it is to actively market for new ones. The marketing plan and […]

Differentiate Your Practice

Understanding your competition and the unique selling points of your practice is key to continued success. It’s a competitive world out there. If you wish to be a successful medical aesthetic practice or medspa owner, differentiating your practice from those of your competitors is critical. In order to distinguish your business in the minds of […]

Book Release Announcement – Beautifully Profitable/ Forever Profitable 5th Edition

Beautifully Profitable/ Forever Profitable 5th Edition Book Release Announcement A Proven Resource for Profitability in Medical and Aesthetic Practices The health of your Medical Practice depends upon the number of patients you can get through the door and the cashflow they generate. Without adequate cashflow, the viability of your practice is in question. Cheryl Whitman, CEO […]

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