Birthday Loyalty Programs

Loyalty reward programs are a powerful and often overlooked tool for encouraging patient retention, boosting referrals, and adding to practice growth. Beautiful Forever Aesthetic consultants work with practices to put these programs into place. These reward programs are automated to keep up with birthdays and other important dates to remember. The more creative the program, […]

Appealing to The Complex Teenage Beauty Consumer

Welcome to the rapidly approaching end of the 2010’s and the speed of lightning ‘new normal’ climate in the aesthetic industry. Social media advertising and social media ‘influencers’ with the power to turn the tide of public opinion with a simple tweet or opinionated Instagram post are changing the face of successful marketing. The mammoth […]

The Business of Beautiful Skin

Get money-making tips, a new perspective on basic products, and deeper rosacea knowledge to allow for improved success. SELLING PRODUCTS Creating Five Figure Profits with Five Star Retail by Cheryl Whitman Typically, retail product sales will contribute between 3 and 10 percent to gross sales. While it is tempting to focus primarily on the treatments […]

2018 Strategy Planning

2018 Strategy Planning Medical Spa or Aesthetic Practice Benchmarks for Success Need help creating a bank-ready business plan from start-up to expansion? A professional, well-thought out business plan is a must for a new med spa or aesthetic wellness practice in order to secure financing. A business plan will help your anti-aging practice set goals and achieve […]

The Importance of the “Elevator Pitch”

“Hi! I’m Paige, an Executive Consultant with Beautiful Forever Aesthetic MARKETING AND BUSINESS Consulting. We are veteran industry EXPERTS who help physicians, med spas, and medical aesthetic companies grow their businesses and increase profitability.” Here’s a Beautiful Forever example of follow-up information: additional sentences that further clarify and underscore your USP. “We focus on developing creative […]

Tracking Public Relations Campaigns

Public-relations opportunities, such as appearances in newspapers, television, and on the radio, can be very worthwhile. Newsworthy, non-promotional topics may consist of human-interest stories or new technology in your practice. However, the right medium is most important to obtain a strong ROI. For example, an appearance on national television may trigger too many calls for […]

How do you stay ahead of your competition?

“The aesthetics market is booming – not only are more Americans using these services than ever before, but more physicians are entering the field as they attempt to flee from insurance-driven and often profitless Medical Practices, into a field of elective and often cash-pay services. This means more customers yet much more competition.” (Excerpt from Beautifully […]

Mid-Year Functionality Review

If you are like most aesthetic medical practices, you likely devoted time in preparing your practice for 2017. 2017 is proving to be a big year for the aesthetic market as new and exciting non-surgical procedures continue to attract patients to your practice.  There’s a lot of room to grow, and your practice must be […]

Three Important Ways Before & After Photos Increase Your ROI

“One of any aesthetic practice’s strongest sales tools is its gallery of Before and After photographs. For maximum impact, these photos should be professionally made by someone who understands the camera technology, posing, and the ultimate use of the photographs. The best Before and After photos eliminate all distractions, focusing only on the area treated by […]

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