Low Cost Medical Marketing Solutions

Low cost medical marketing solutions are essential for practices and hospital today. Today there is an importance for seamless, informative, user friendly practice building techniques for the acquisition of patients, as well as the upselling of patients. Fortunately, there are a variety of effective strategies that may be employed at no cost or low cost. […]

Press Kits For Physicians

Press kits provide a variety of material to the media for their publication, airing or background use. It can also be distributed at patient seminars and other gatherings where members of the press may be present. You may even choose to give a press kit to each of your new patients. The press kit is […]

Internet Fundamentals for Medicine

There are three statistics which demonstrate that an investment in the Internet is wise in today’s marketplace. –Over 100 million consumers search the Internet for healthcare information, according to Harris Interactive, Inc. –Sixty-three percent of consumers say they would switch healthcare providers if they found credible content, email communication, or scheduling online, according to Jupiter […]

Social Media and Blogging Are In For Medicine

In addition to patient acquisition and patient referrals, social media and blogging have become popular for search engine optimization to leverage your practice website into higher ranking positions and to control more Internet real estate. While blogging offers the greatest opportunity to enhance patient education and optimize a website, social media has been the most […]

21st Century Tools for Patient Acquisition and Referrals: Social Media and Blogging

Social media and blogging offer revolutionary ways to acquire quality patients, obtain referrals and optimize your practice website today. Social media and blogging have become increasingly popular as consumer demand for information in these forms has grown in great numbers over the past several years. Not to be confused with providing a diagnosis or treatment […]

BUSINESS CONSULT | By Cheryl Whitman

Project Management A project-based approach can help practices achieve their strategic goals. Behind every successful medical aesthetic practice is a se- ries of incremental, accomplished goals. Whether a facility is seeking to improve the patient experience, integrate new procedures or launch a new marketing campaign, bringing these goals to fruition requires project management skills.  A […]

Public Speaking Tips for Your Medical Marketing Event

Public speaking for a medical marketing event begins with preparation. Properly preparing for communication of any public nature presents the greatest prospect for offering professional, intelligent, factual and objective information. In short, preparation helps a speaker to crystallize a message. Preparation equates to understanding the topic, the objective and the audience as well. In one-on-one […]

Selecting The Right Print Ad Mediums for Your Medical Marketing Event

Advertisements in small daily, weekly or regional newspapers and local magazine exposure can be cost effective for advertising a medical practice event. –There are neighborhood community newspapers, larger regional (countywide or citywide newspapers), and national newspapers. Community and regional (countywide/citywide) papers can be extremely effective in reaching targeted audiences in your local area. This is […]

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