Selecting The Right Print Ad Mediums for Your Medical Marketing Event

Advertisements in small daily, weekly or regional newspapers and local magazine exposure can be cost effective for advertising a medical practice event. –There are neighborhood community newspapers, larger regional (countywide or citywide newspapers), and national newspapers. Community and regional (countywide/citywide) papers can be extremely effective in reaching targeted audiences in your local area. This is […]

Attracting Patients

Cheryl Whitman, CEO of Beautiful Forever Consulting, is one of the pioneers of effective physician practice marketing, and a leader in this field for more than two decades. In addition to regularly speaking at professional conferences on issues related to marketing and promotion, sales management and practice operations, Cheryl has written several successful books on […]

Patient Retention: The Golden Grail

A high retention rate depends on planning and setting clear expectations like the feeling you get when enjoying fine cuisine at a 5 Star lakeside restaurant on a clear sunny day.  This includes offering the best possible service, as well as, a good working long term relationship. In the end, you will be measured on […]

Don’ts For Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing in medicine can be tricky at best. The good news is that once your practice integrates the right formula for success, Facebook can be an excellent patient acquisition tool. Do Not copy content from other Internet sources. You can create content that offers another angle on current Internet content, but your content should […]

Patient Testimonials and Before and After Photos: Essentials in Practice Marketing

Patient testimonials and before and after photos (in aesthetic medicine) are two forms of necessary proof for a patient interested in a private pay cosmetic procedure. In any aesthetic procedure, before and after photos is the most suggestive piece of information to demonstrate the benefits of a procedure. In fact, before and after photos can […]

Internet Advertising: Know What You’re Up Against and What You Can Do

Three of the most recent mediums that have proven profitable for advertising are the located on the Internet, including: a website, blogging and social media. The Website: It’s In The Appeal A comprehensive website has pleasing graphics with before and after photos, simple navigation, patient education content, information about the doctors, and a communication option. […]

The Power of Testimonials

Marketing is an investment that can be costly if not fully prepared to reap a strong Return On Investment. It’s one thing to spend money on marketing; it’s another to provide your patients with the information they are looking for so they can make the decision to invest in you. The good news is that […]

Do’s for Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing for medical practices has become quite popular for a variety of reasons. First, consumers like Facebook and want to receive information in this way. They want to be part of your Facebook community to view your posts about inspirational messages, educational data, and special promotions. In terms of benefits for the practice, Facebook […]

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