How do you stay ahead of your competition?

“The aesthetics market is booming – not only are more Americans using these services than ever before, but more physicians are entering the field as they attempt to flee from insurance-driven and often profitless Medical Practices, into a field of elective and often cash-pay services. This means more customers yet much more competition.” (Excerpt from Beautifully […]

Mid-Year Functionality Review

If you are like most aesthetic medical practices, you likely devoted time in preparing your practice for 2017. 2017 is proving to be a big year for the aesthetic market as new and exciting non-surgical procedures continue to attract patients to your practice.  There’s a lot of room to grow, and your practice must be […]

Three Important Ways Before & After Photos Increase Your ROI

“One of any aesthetic practice’s strongest sales tools is its gallery of Before and After photographs. For maximum impact, these photos should be professionally made by someone who understands the camera technology, posing, and the ultimate use of the photographs. The best Before and After photos eliminate all distractions, focusing only on the area treated by […]

Private Label Skin Care: Put Your Name Where The Money Is

The future of private label skin care lines in the spa is bright as spa owners recognize this burgeoning and lucrative market. Just one successful product can offer a greater return on investment and start to make the professional a skin care authority. Set the Stage To develop a private label product line, the professional […]

Opening A Medical Spa

Opening a New Medical Spa Opening a medical spa is an exciting time for any physician or business owner. The new spa will offer clients comfort, relaxation, medical services and improved cosmetic options. The problem that inevitably arises when opening a medical spa is that the process is complicated and anyone new to the process […]

The Importance of Patient Testimonials and Photos on Your Website

Patients have a strong desire to view testimonials and see photos of patients with different procedures. This includes before and after photo when it relates to the aesthetic market. The majority of prospective patients go the Internet after viewing television shows, listening to radio announcements, and reading printed stories about their interest of concern; and […]

Tracking Internet Medical Marketing

Statistical Software Today, statistics software is available free of charge with Web-site purchases. Using software to evaluate your site can provide trackable information, including the number of visitors to the site, which search engines were used, which Web-site pages were read, and the average amount of time that the visitor spent at the site. The […]

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